January 21

Updates January 2022

It’s been a rough start to the new semester!

We’ve been virtual for 2 weeks now. This is due to staffing shortages both due to sickness/ personal reasons and not having full staff in the first place. We are all hoping we’ll be back on Monday.

I would like to encourage families and students, please PLEASE get vaccinated and DO NOT come to school if you are sick. Even if you’re not sure what you have or are “sure” it’s a cold. There’s so much we don’t know about COVID as it continues evolving. And the only way to stop the evolutions of different strands is to get everyone vaccinated. There are plenty of free places to do this, and ACHS does testing every Monday afternoon.

September 9

Fall 2021

Hello parents and students!

We are in full-swing starting to prepare for a concert in early December.

Marching band has begun performances.

Please check out the specific page for the class you/your child are in to see specific information.

January 16

Spring 2021

Welcome back to ACHS! After a long, grueling pandemic, we are in-person again.

The school currently has mask mandates, so band classes with wind instruments will mostly be conducted outside. Orchestra will take place inside the room.

We are conducting 2 fundraisers right now!

  1. Freedom Fundraiser snack boxes. Each item is $1.50 and students should have 64 items in each box, totaling $96 when they finish. Money should be turned into Buie directly and within 30 days of when we got them! (8/11)
  2. Chipotle is hosting a fundraiser for us on 8/28 from 4-8pm! Please show up, tell them you’re here for the AC Band and part of the money you spend will go toward our program!

Keep an eye on important dates on specific pages and put them in your calendars (especially marching band)

Things that we do in the fall:

Marching Band events (football games, parades, competition, field trips)

Fall Concert (all groups)

Eagle Street



September 4

Welcome to Fall 2019 at ACHS

Marching band has tons of events coming up, check out the Marching Band tab to see all events.

All classes are solidifying note reading skills and have started concert music for the November concert to take place on 11/20 at 7pm!

Orchestra has begun planning for the Homecoming float for 2019!

July 4


Drums Along the Rockies (the Drum Corps International competition in Denver) will take place on July 13th (Saturday) at 6:30 with awards and results at 10pm. Students from ACHS are provided a FREE ticket. But must contact me, we were given a limited amount.

EARLIER IN THE DAY on the SAME DAY at the mile high stadium is the BKXClinic with the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps. This is a $40 value for FREE for ACHS students. Must find your own ride there and need to let Ms. Buie know by July 5th if you are participating so I can make sure you have an instrument to participate.


JULY 15th- Parent meeting in the band room 5-6:30pm

JULY 23rd- Marching Band Leadership Camp @ ACHS 8am-4pm (REQUIRED FOR LEADERSHIP!!!!)

JULY 24th- Marching Band NEWBIE Camp w/leadership members @ ACHS 8am-4pm

JULY 25th, 26th, 29, 30, 31- Marching Band Training Camp @ ACHS 8am-4pm ALL MEMBERS!! (REQUIRED. Please do not make appointments on these days.)

August 2- Marching Band performs in the morning @ Adams14 employee rally- will be bussing from ACHS time TBA

January 23


Welcome to the New Year everyone!

This semester we will be taking a trip to the Colorado Symphony to see the Comic-Con inspired concert at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

If students need extra credit for missed classes, they may come in to practice during advisory, or the following free concerts are coming up!

2/2/19- Ellie Caulkins Opera House- Mile High Freedom Band 7:30pm

3/2/19- Historic Grant Avenue- Freedom Swing 7:30pm ($7 for students, $10 for adults)

TBA- Thornton Community Band concert at ACHS!


If students take private lessons, they may also receive extra credit! 🙂


May 18

Upcoming Events

5/19, Saturday- Graduation

Who: Concert Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, 9th Grade Band

When: Students riding bus will need to get to school BEFORE 1:30pm

We should return before 7pm

What to Wear: Band or Orchestra t-shirt ($10 from Ms. Buie), and dark nice-looking jeans or black dress pants with dark or dress shoes.

Please eat a decent lunch before coming. There will be some snacks, but not a meal.

5/25, Friday- Trip to Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Who: Anyone who committed to filling a seat, we paid for the ticket.

When: Arrive at school before 5:30. Concert is from 7-9pm. We will probably be back between 10 and even 10:30 depending on traffic and students’ efficiencies to get on the bus.

Eat dinner BEFORE coming! 🙂 Or bring something with you for on the bus over (don’t eat in the auditorium)

5/28, Monday- Memorial Day Parade in Commerce City

Who: Concert Band, 9th Grade Band and Drumline

When: Arrive at school before 8:30. Parade is from 10-12. We will be back by 12:30 at the high school.

What to wear: Band or drumline t-shirt, shorts of a reasonable length (no booty shorts please!), tennis/athletic shoes with socks! Sunglasses/hats/sunscreen, and possibly a small water bottle that will latch onto a belt or something. It could get hot!


March 8

March Concert 2018

March Concert is just around the corner. All groups will be performing in the concert next Tuesday at 7-9pm in the ACHS auditorium. Call time for students is 6pm.

All students need to bring concert black clothing to school TOMORROW, 3/9 in order to receive points for the assignment.

February 21

Mile High Jazz Festival Update

The Mile High Jazz Festival at CU Boulder went well! All jazz students were able to participate. We received a 3 with awards for three of our soloists.

All groups are now continuing to prepare for our concert on MARCH 13th! 7-9pm in the ACHS auditorium.

All groups will be performing at this concert.

Students must make up practice time if they have missed a lot, and need to communicate if they have reached 3 absences that are unexcused about why they were not here in order to be eligible to participate in the concert.

All students need to acquire ALL BLACK, PROFESSIONAL clothing that looks nice on stage. This means no ripped clothing, no jeans, and no tennis shoes please. Students WILL be graded on their clothing the night of the concert, and may not be allowed on stage if they are not dressed professionally.

Students will likely not pass my class if they do not attend the concert or complete the alternate assignment, as it is 20% of their final grade. 🙂

February 2

Mile High Jazz Festival

The ACHS Jazz Band is planning on performing at the Mile High Jazz Festival on February 15th (Thursday) at 3:30pm at CU Boulder’s Macky Auditorium!

Students must be passing classes in order to go on trips which take them out of class. (With some exceptions regarding recent schedule changes). They also must have not missed more than 3 rehearsals since we decided on our repertoire on 1/23